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15 Steps to Reduce Your Risk of a Hospital Infection
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10 Steps to Protect Students from Getting MRSA Infections
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Unnecessary Deaths: The Human and Financial Costs of Hospital Infections, 2nd Edition
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RID Information Pack (including "15 Steps" and Unnecessary Deaths)
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RID Guide to Effective Hospital Cleaning
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RID Guide to Effective Hospital Cleaning (Note: this item is laminated, and available in English on one side and Spanish on the other)


Contracting infection while in the ICU adds $150,000 or more to an elderly patient's care costs and shortens their life by many years. 

September 2014

JAMA Internal Medicine

survey shows 70% of hospital leaders say public reporting motivates them to improve patient safety.


Betsy McCaughey:

"U.S. hospitals not ready for Ebola."

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