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Daily Mail: Jan. 20, 2014

When visiting a loved one in the hospital, forget the flowers and candy.




Infection Control Today, January 2014


Infection Control Today: May 2013

Six Minutes to Save Your Life

Watch This to Save Lives

WSJ - January 31, 2013
WSJ- August 27, 2012
RID offers important advice on how to prevent C. Diff.
April 16, 2011













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Popular TV Show "The Doctors" Features RID Patient Protection Kit (1-13-10)

Discussion of Washington State's New Infection Laws (Audio 1-7-10)

Forbes (Video)

Patients at Risk

Forbes (Video)
Dirty Hospitals

ABC News, July 2007 (Video)
'Superbug infections on rise', Betsy McCaughey speaks with Dr. Tim Johnson on ABC News

Good Morning America, ABC News, November 2006 (Video)
Dr. McCaughey advocates universal screening on Good Morning America

WNBC Top Story, September 2006
Patients Can Help Stop Hospital-Acquired

Part I (video) | Part II (video)

Live Webcast on Hospital Infection (Webinar)
Featuring Betsy McCaughey, PhD
Hosted by Infection Control Today

NBC Nightly News, June 2006 (Video)
RID featured on Nightly News

Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, NBC, June 2006 (Video)
Dying to Get Well

Nightline, ABC News, March 2006 (Video)
US Hospitals Infections

Voice of America, December 2005 (Video)
Group Urges Stronger Steps to Prevent Hospital Infection

Good Morning America, ABC News (Video)
RID's Patient Protection Guide

RID Video Presentation (Video)
Betsy McCaughey 25 minute presentation on preventing infection

20/20 ABC News, October 2005 (Video)
Myth #1, Hospitals keep you safe from germs

Betsy McCaughey on Voice of America, December 2005 (Audio)
Click to listen or right-click on link to download.

Listen to Betsy McCaughey on the radio, August 2005 (Audio)
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Contracting infection while in the ICU adds $150,000 or more to an elderly patient's care costs and shortens their life by many years. 

September 2014

JAMA Internal Medicine

survey shows 70% of hospital leaders say public reporting motivates them to improve patient safety.


Betsy McCaughey:

"U.S. hospitals not ready for Ebola."

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