New Research Shows How to Avoid Pneumonia in the Hospital

A new article in the American Journal of Infection Control (January 2018) provides a much needed warning about the danger of contracting pneumonia while hospitalized for another reason. Pneumonia is a risk to patients of all ages, and results from inadequate attention to the following four needs:

  1. oral care: patients’ mouths need to be cleaned daily to avoid the build-up of bacteria in the mouth that could be aspirated into the lungs
  2. deep breathing exercises or use of the spirometer, a gadget that exercises a patient’s deep breathing
  3. elevation of the patient’s head to 30-45 degrees while the patient is in bed
  4. getting patients moving and walking where possible
If you’re planning to be hospitalized or have a family member in the hospital, please check to be sure these safeguards are being taken. For a summary of this research, see this article:

The article is linked here: